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Marine Vinyl FAQs

Marine Vinyl FAQs

Ben Hartz |

Why use marine grade vinyl?

When choosing a vinyl for your boat or other outdoor application, it is important to pay attention to the specs for the vinyl to determine if the fabric will be suitable for your intended application. Marine grade vinyl should be durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures, exposure to direct sunlight, and moisture. The term "marine-grade" does not necessarily mean these vinyls are higher quality than standard vinyls, rather it implies that they are UV and mildew resistant.

How will vinyl hold up in the sun?

Marine vinyls have an additive that help it to hold up longer in the sun. However, any product left in direct sunlight will break down over time. It is wise to cover or store the material indoors to maximize the life of the product.

How durable is marine vinyl?

Again, different vinyls have different specs, but abrasion ratings are a key characteristic used to rate durability. The Wyzenbeek test method is most commonly used in the United States to count the number of "double rubs" until the fabric fails. A marine grade vinyl should be able to withstand at least 25,000 double rubs.

How do I clean my marine vinyl?

Most marine vinyl is very easily cleanable. A combination of soap and water is sufficient for most spot cleaning. For more stubborn stains, see the manufacturer's recommendations for the specific vinyl you're cleaning.

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